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Hullo there!
Kiboe Here!

So, obviously I'm new to LJ, but I decided that I ought to sign up and get involved. So I finally finished my partial of Kiboe (pronounced Kee- bo- ay) AKA Tyler. I'm proud of how he's turned out and I wanna take time to give out mentions as to who helped (In a way) First of was Matrices, who has put up numerous tutorials on her site. Second goes to all the fursuiters on Youtube and LJ, for posting all their tips and tricks, along with tutorials to help first timers out.

Anywho...on with the show!

I hope this'll work:

This is a pic from a friend of mine, who happened to be in WalMart the day I went in suit. All in all it was a blast! I got so many hugs and pictures, and such a warm greeting all the way around! I was excited to get in there and just see the reactions I got, but mostly I just had a great time!

I think I'm the only fursuiter in town....but what do you expect from a small town? I'm hoping to get to go to a con soon, *crosses fingers* here's hoping.

But I should be posting some info on suiting and fursuit fabrication here soon. So keep an eye out for that!

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hey dude! Hope you don't mind the add. Grown up in florence, SC but i'm in columbia right now for work. Should hang!

Dude, don't mind at all! I'm not IN Columbia, but a bit south of it, down in Sumter. And all in all I think I'm the only fuzzy in this town...So we should totally hang!

Sounds awesome, My AIM is Chazzkit. Hit me up tonight and we'll go grub somewhere

Lol, I don't have AIM and I'm kinda broke right now, but I get paid next Friday, we could work something out for next weekend or somethin. My yahoo is ryoku_gosei, and my MSN is ryoku_gosei @ their respective domains

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