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Whoo! Birthdays!
So we just got home from celebrating my girlfriend's birthday! She just turned 21, so now she's legal to drink! As for me, my birthday is on the 19th, and I'm turning 21 as well! That weekend, We'll be headed up to Myrtle Beach for some crazy fun! It'll be our mom's taking us so that'll be hilarious! If you happen to see me up there, feel free to say HI! I won't be in suit but if you'll be in the area, let me know? I'd love to see some furry friends (few though I have right now >_>)

Any way! (Ramblings of a bored Wolf)

So I'm getting ready to get a group together to go suiting in Columbia. A bunch of my "mundane" friends wanna go with me, since I'm like the only one they know XD but still I think it'll be a blast.


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